Maximize your Cash Flow by Shrinking your Workload!

Complete Medical Billing Services


Turn delinquent customers to loyal, paid customers…without doing any work!

Chances are, you don’t have enough time to clean up your old accounts receivables. So every day, your receivables keep piling up. Choking back your cash flow. Shrinking your bottom line.

That’s why more businesses like yours rely on The NBF Group to clean up old accounts receivables.

With our comprehensive receivable management programs, you can catch up, increase your cash flow and take a much deserved breath!

Outsource Billing to Increase Your Cash Flow

Collecting on past due accounts takes hours of consistent follow up. By outsourcing your medical billing, we do all the work you don’t have time to do. As a result, you:

  • Slash the number of past due accounts
  • Prevent bad debt
  • Reduce days outstanding
  • Continuously feed your cash flow

That’s not all. Using our revenue recovery services cushions your bottom line by:

  • Freeing your staff to focus on other critical business tasks
  • Boosting your long-term cash flow by educating your customers to pay on time
  • Preventing staff burnout
  • Increasing your control with detailed monitoring and on-demand reporting
  • Reducing internal administrative costs

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Give up the Work without Giving up Control

Our receivable management programs services work like an extension of you. We manage each account with constant diligence and customer service. To start, we:

  • Research accounts in detail before contacting your customer
  • Resubmit insurance claims
  • Customize documentation and reports to your internal needs
  • Treat your customers respectfully and sensitively
  • Communicate closely with your internal staff
  • Strive to secure full payment on all accounts – no matter the age

Because we specialize in cleaning up aging accounts receivables, NBF continually invests in the latest technology to:

  • Process and follow up timely on each customer’s payment plans and collection efforts
  • Evaluate your internal processes – reducing errors, increasing efficiencies, speeding up payments
  • Customize contact strategy from number of letters sent to phone calls made
  • Process payments quickly – so you generate accurate statements
  • Access several HIPAA compliant databases to update patient information for faster collections

When you outsource your billing, you give up the work – but stay in control. Tools like our Client Access Web (CAW) lets you create custom reports right from your desk. Look up individual account progress, balance overviews, inventory reports and more. All at no extra charge!

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Preserving Your Customer Relationships

How you outsource your accounts receivable can either ruin your customer relationship or strengthen their loyalty.

That’s why we never use recorded scripts, automatic attendants, or off-shore calling.

Instead, our Service Analysts personally contact each of your customers. Sensitively educating them on past due bills and collecting payments.

The entire process is absolutely seamless. Your customers call us using a dedicated telephone number. We use your internal greetings and vocabulary. So your customers always feel they’re talking to your office staff.

We’re an extension of you. Our skilled Service Analysts:

  • Negotiate payment plans in line with your office policies
  • Resolve invoicing disputes
  • Schedule consistent follow up calls
  • Constantly monitor each account status
  • Train customers in paying you timely – for a smoother long-term cash flow
  • Alert you on accounts ready for collections

To secure maximum payments for you, our Service Analysts:

  • Train daily to overcome objections and uncover customer revenue sources
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant
  • Maintain updated knowledge of the latest billing and collections protocol

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Got Aging Accounts Receivables? Free yourself from all the work today!

Which accounts receivables are choking back your cash flow? The ones over 90 days? Over 120 days? The haunting pile you don’t have time to tackle?

NBF’s billing services can help on specific projects or on an ongoing basis. So you can focus on managing current accounts. And spend time on other critical office tasks.

Trusted since 1960, our clients span industries including: ambulance providers, casinos, clinics, doctors, hospitals, medical groups, property management, retailers, supermarket chains and urgent cares.

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