Recover More Money while Increasing Customer Loyalty

NBF Bill Collections


Enjoy Higher Collection Rates while Preserving your Customer Relationships

A past due customer is still a customer. They want respect. So how you treat them during this critical time can strengthen or ruin your relationship.

That’s why National Business Factors uses a highly personalized collections process focused on engaging your customers in conversation.

This personal process creates the support they need. While collecting the payments you need. Especially important in sensitive revenue recovery collections.

The result: you maintain strong customer loyalty. And enjoy collection rates that regularly beat the national average!

Collections Efficiency with Advanced Technology

Using the latest technology, we reach more of your customers per day and enjoy higher collection rates per call.

That’s not all. We collect more for you by optimizing every phase of your collections cycle. In revenue recovery, this means responding quickly to delinquency levels and risks. And changing contact strategies in real time.

Other ways we collect more bad debt payments:

  • Manage calling strategies according to call follow up, call frequency, and responses
  • Automatically prioritize contacts to meet your business goals
  • Run several custom calling campaigns tailored to specific clients, balances, collection phase, and more
  • Maintain at least a 78% match-up ratio – one of the highest in the industry

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Collections that Preserve Your Customer Relationships

How you outsource debt collections can either ruin your customer relationship or strengthen their loyalty.

That’s why we never use cold, recorded scripts or automatic dialers. Popular tools found in a typical collection agency.

Instead, our Collections Analysts personally work with each of your customers. Analyzing their finances to uncover payment opportunities.

And when needed, our Collections Analysts create flexible solutions from accepting credit card payments to negotiating bill payment plans. During medical collection calls, we may inform debtors of federal programs to subsidize their medical bills.

Most collection agencies never invest time to help you by helping your customers too. Going beyond what’s expected is our norm.

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Why Trust your Collections to NBF

Trusted in your community since 1960, our clients span industries including: ambulance providers, casinos, clinics, doctors, hospitals, medical groups, property management, retailers, supermarket chains and urgent cares.

Your skilled Collections Analysts:

  • Are in your community – for maximum quality control, we never use overseas phone banks
  • Receive continuous training in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • Are all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant
  • Educate customers on the benefits of paying you
  • Skillfully identify and negotiate creative payment solutions

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Extra Service – Without Extra Fees

Outsourcing with National Business Factors means you never worry about hidden fees or extra charges. We focus on doing whatever it takes to serve you better. And greatly increase your cash flow:

  • Dedicated customer service staff so your questions are answered quickly
  • Create flexible bill payment arrangements as needed per customer
  • Report debtors to credit bureaus
  • Process credit card payments
  • File lawsuits
  • Customize collections reporting so you get the data you need

Monitor Collections Progress from Your Desk

Outsourcing of your accounts receivable doesn’t mean losing control. From your desk, you review your accounts in minutes. Use our secure Client Access Web (CAW) to download reports, access customer account status, and more. All at no charge. You can also:

  • Run custom inventory reports
  • Drop electronic or payment files
  • Set up as many users as you wish and set security parameters per user
  • Look up current balances and status of each account

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