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Meet your NBF Team

Liesl Barkley, President / Sales Executive

John Nadone, Chief Executive Officer

Kay Green, Collections Services Manager

Sarah Walker, Client Services Manager

Kim Miller Lundquist, Information Technologies and Mail Room Manager

Leona Colt, Outsourcing & Self Pay Receivables Manager

Liesl Barkley, VP Customer RelationsLiesl Ann Barkley
President / Sales Executive

I’m a people person. I love what I do because I meet new people and create new relationships every day. I also love what I do because I love to sell. So what’s better than doing two of your favorite things all day long?

I’ve been in the credit and collections industry since 1985. When I walk into new businesses, I usually hear the same thing. I hear how they’re tired of being treated like a number by “the other guys.” I see when a vendor doesn’t deliver on what they promised, they can seriously hurt their client’s business. This personally bothers me.

That’s why I care so much about my clients. I do everything I can to make sure they’re happy and satisfied. They trust me with their business and I take this responsibility very seriously.

With everyone at NBF working so well together, our clients easily meet their goals. Only when a client’s happy and successful, do I feel we did our job.

Things to know about Liesl
Liesl joined NBF in 1985 as a collector. Soon, she became the Collection Manager before briefly leaving NBF for a career in banking.

Upon her return, Liesl joined customer relations. By 2001, she became Vice President of Customer Relations where she enjoys training staff members and working directly with clients.

Ms. Barkley holds a Collection Agency Manager’s Qualification Certificate with the State of Nevada, Department of Business and Industry, Financial Institutions Division.
She conducts Fair Debt Collection Practice Act seminars and facilitates many in-services for clients throughout the West

Other credits include: College of Marin, Kentfield, CA and Sonoma State University; certification in Proactive Relationship Banking, Community Lending, Financial Service Program, Tele-Sales Omega Systematic Collections.

Liesl is also trained in the American Collectors Association School of Sales and Top management. She stays updated with regular training from Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and courses on telephone collections techniques.

As much as she loves meeting new people, her favorite time of the day is coming home to spend family time with her two boys.

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John Nadone, Chief Operations OfficerJohn Nadone
Chief Executive Officer

What attracted me to The NBF Group was the opportunity to utilize my extensive healthcare background to assist customers, and continue to build successful business relationships. I look forward to getting to know our customers and their business needs.

Knowing what we achieve at NBF for our customers is very satisfying. We perform tasks that allow these customers to focus on their core business without draining their precious resources. The dedication and level of expertise of the staff is without reproach.

We hold each other, and ourselves to a very high standard and it shows in the quality of work that is performed for each customer. As a former healthcare leader, I understand the importance of positive community relations. NBF is also a partner in assisting our customers in maintaining and increasing their market share.

Things to know about John
John joined NBF in 2015 as the Chief Operating Officer where he is able to use his 25 years in healthcare operations and finance to assist clients manage their accounts receivable needs.

He began his career in banking, after graduating from Western Oregon University (WOU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration – Accounting. After several years in banking he transitioned to financial operations in the healthcare industry. He has held the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer in various for-profit, not-for-profit and district health care facilities.

John and his family love the outdoors; on weekends you will find them enjoying the local mountains and valleys, either mountain biking, dirt biking, snowboarding, or hiking.

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Brenda Shelton, Collections ManagerKay Green
Collections Services Manager

When I joined NBF in 2003, I was impressed by the staff’s genuine friendliness and support. In an industry where you work with debtors, it takes a tight knit team like ours to stay motivated and supportive.

I believe this is one of the main reasons why we consistently beat our collections goals.

What I appreciate most about working for NBF is we support the long-term relationships of our clients and their customers too.

For instance, our collectors understand how we treat debtors reflects on our clients. So it’s important to be respectful, compassionate and honest. Especially when we’re collecting on medical bills.

When we remember we’re all people here to help each other, we all succeed: our company, our clients and their customers.

Things to know about Kay
Before joining NBF, Kay spent several years collecting at the corporate level. Managing receivables for accounts up to $1,000,000. In this position, she fine-tuned her negotiation and resolution skills. Then challenged herself further balancing a casino vault averaging up to $4 million.

Kay began managing complex projects while developing a cable company in Sacramento. She was instrumental in creating their customer database, billing and collection procedures. She also staffed and managed the office team and was responsible for the supervision and scheduling of the installation team.

Kay holds a Qualified Manager’s certificate issued by The State of Nevada Department of Business and Industry.

On her days off, Kay loves to spend hours losing herself in the kitchen. Pushing her creativity and time management skills through elaborate dishes. When she’s not in the kitchen, Kay spends time with her granddaughter. Who, she reports with a laugh, is “thirteen going on fifty.”

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Sarah Walker, Client Services ManagerSarah Walker
Client Services Manager

Back in 1998, I started with NBF as their receptionist. I like being challenged to do and learn new things. So before long, I moved into the accounts receivable (AR) department. From the AR department, I was given the opportunity to work in, and eventually manage, the information technologies function. Recently I have assumed the role as NBF’s Client Services Manager. What I like most about this position is its unpredictability. Clients call daily with new challenges to their business. I take their issues personally because delays could impact their cash flow.

The people I work with at NBF are definitely my second family. We really care about each other. The mentors here have so many years of experience and are always willing to share it.

So no matter how long you’ve been here, you end up getting more than professional advice. Many times you learn valuable life lessons.

Things to know about Sarah
Sarah has transitioned from information technology within NBF to now managing our client services department. As our Client Services Manager, she works with NBF clients as well as the Vice President of Customer Relations. Never one to rest on her laurels, Sarah often looks for new ways to help us run more smoothly and efficiently.

Sarah enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.

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Sarah Walker, Client Services ManagerKim Miller Lundquist
Information Technologies and Mail Room Manager

Most people think of Information Technologies (IT) Departments as an area that consists of maintaining equipment and networking. In our department here at NBF we do much more than what most expect. A key part is customer service and working one on one with clients. We assist them in creating custom electronic files and custom reports. One of my top priorities is to ensure what we do assists the clients in the most efficient way possible. Troubleshooting, no matter how challenging, for clients provides me a great sense of accomplishment. I enjoy the interaction with NBF employees and our clients.

The department faces many challenges due to the ever changing IT landscape and is an integral department within NBF. IT assists with keeping other departments running smoothly.

Things to know about Kim
Kim grew up in Mammoth Lakes, CA and enjoyed skiing, riding her quad and playing tennis. After graduation she moved to Carson City and graduated Beauty school. She worked in many industries and now IT has become her passion. She joined the NBF team in 2004 and for the first year she worked at the front desk and now she is proud to be the IT and Mail Room Manager.

Kim enjoys spending time with family and spoiling her dogs.

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Leona Colt, Outsourcing and Self Pay Receivables ManagerLeona Colt
Outsourcing & Self Pay Receivables Manager

My career with NBF began in 2006. As a person who enjoyed working with people to solve issues, I gained much experience as a patient account representative and was able to deliver satisfactory results in that position. I continuously strove to grow with our company and have now earned my management position.

Drawing on 20 years experience in customer service positions, and having successful results, I take much pride in providing the best service possible to all my clients and their patients. My position affords me new challenges and learning experiences each and every day. Whether my days involve payment plans, insurance billing assistance, or reconciling clients’ accounts, I am enjoying what my department accomplishes.

Managing this great team is both rewarding and an opportunity to grow in the knowledge it takes to help create a unified staff with our clients’ goals in mind. In fact, helping our clients reach their goals, is our team’s goal.

Things to know about Leona
I’m originally from Woodland, California and came to Nevada at 8 years of age. I relocated to Carson City in 2002. My family and I enjoy camping, target shooting and fishing. We have a deep love for animals with my favorites being our huskies.

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